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Published 01/10/2013


Moreover, make sure you track any feedback and results you get from competitions you enter so you will be able to gauge better any progress and which images are doing well. Keeping track of the competitions you entered is imperative to knowing your success rate and what has worked best for you. You can then apply this knowledge to future contests.

8. End note

I cannot encourage beginners enough; most of my initial progress and knowledge in photography came out of competing. Being a photographer who just snaps images and keeps them on his computer is not my idea of photographic enjoyment. Photography is wonderful because it helps us interact and learn from one another. Do not be afraid to go out there and try, even if you fail. The learning curve is more than worth it.

Reflection: It is not true that the same people win competitions, but it is true that those who win competitions are those who enter!

Good luck!
vKevin Casha

Master Photographer, Tutor and international judge.

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