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Published 01/12/2012


With its motto of 'never say never' and pledge to meet a customer's request wherever it can, the pleasant-to-do-business-with will be celebrating a decade in existence next summer. Not one to rest on its laurels, since we last spoke for this magazine back in February, things have stepped up a gear and Managing Director Guy Thatcher has been investing 'dramatically' in new rental kit.

The company itself has doubled its staff in the past two years. "Photographers give glowing reports of us because, whilst we've grown, we've kept our core values and retained the 'can do' mindset of a small family-run business," Guy adds. As the company is based in East Sussex, just a few miles south of Tunbridge Wells, Guy notes that his team can have kit with photographers in London within an hour and a half.


The recently increased spend is principally so has enough stock of all the technologically innovative products that have been launched this year, which have quickly become must-haves amongst photo professionals. And in tandem with this article it is offering members of The Societies a special discount of 15 per cent off the cost of a first hire - so now you too can try that desirably expensive camera you've long been lusting after, such as a Leica M9P, but also much more besides.

Guy, the MD, adds that specialist Zeiss lenses are also keeping business brisk. "We've had a greater demand for Zeiss high-quality manual lenses both for filming with digital SLRs and also for stills photography," he continues, adding that he has availability for Canon, Nikon and Leica mounts. "They've got themselves an excellent reputation among filmmakers and quite deservedly so, but they're absolutely perfect for portraiture and landscapes too. The great thing about the newer DSLRs with Live View is that it's incredibly easy to pull focus properly."

His enthusiasm for the hire market undimmed even after a decade, Guy also lets slip that in 2013 it will be stocking Zeiss' promised launch of premium SLR lenses. "They're the best lenses they're able to produce, effectively, and are designed to work with the higher megapixel cameras like the D800. I've found if you use cheaper lenses on those models they really show up the flaws in the glass. The new Zeiss range is twice the weight of the regular lenses and one hell of a piece of glass. The idea is that it allows people to use their DSLRs to achieve something approaching medium-format in terms of quality."

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