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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2012


And so it was your editor pitched up at BVE North in Manchester to see what the moving-image guys are up to. Now the movie industry has bigger budgets than your average photographic gig and so those guys tend to get new toys ahead of the stills types. Much of the show was over your editor's head (quite literally in the case of the camera boom arms, but that is not a very high bar!). However, the time lapse stuff was in evidence, as were the GoPro fanatics, but more usefully was a look at the new lighting technologies that are emerging.

The new kid on the lighting block is Remote Phosphor Panels. In a nutshell these take an LED array of rather low grade (blue) LEDs and project their light onto the back of a phosphor-coated panel. This re-emits the light at a controlled quality and colour temperature. Thus the colour temperature may be changed by simply changing the panel in front of the LEDs. The output is very high, equivalent to an old-style tungsten halogen 2kw Blondie. The 400 watts required by the Tru Color HS means that they can be connected to 13amp plugs without overloading the electrics, a significant improvement. The lower wattage also allows longer cable runs to the lights, the power demands of Blondies always required cables like baby elephant's trunks! In a parallel development we found Kino Flo exhibiting their new fluorescent light banks, along with other LED-based lighting and then it cropped up in the discussion that Damian McGillicuddy was using them in his new studio - as we are scheduled to visit the Big Dog sometime soon, we will report back!


Overall then this report tops out our extended technology feature and continues the theme. The arrival of high ISO-performance DSLRs has allowed the same lighting to be used to capture both stills and movies on the sets with a considerable benefit from doubling up the make-up, stylists, art direction, lighting and hair people. The quality of the lighting is vital for fashion colours. Today it is becoming common for movie footage and stills to be shot at the same session for brochure, web and moving image delivery.

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1st Published 01/12/2012
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