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Making more sales, even in a recession...

Howard Butterfield of theimagefile...offers some good advice

Whilst it is fairly obvious that 2009 is going to be a year with particular challenges; should you as photographers be despondent? Well, we at theimagefile... don't think so. Now with over 10,000,000 hi-res images online and nearly 2000 photographers using the system, we see daily, photographers old and new, embracing the new technologies and concepts. Helping them to find more and better clients and generating substantial online sales to an extraordinarily wide user base.

Doing more with less will again be part of the strategy, sticking to what you can do best and allowing trusted partners to help with the rest. This is why theimagefile... have been working hard to help increase your margins, our integration with Photobox's new systems has done just that. Our partnering with One Vision has enabled direct delivery to your customers from a trusted pro-lab with your branding. At every stage helping you to look more professional and giving you the competitive advantage.

Our new business questions service, available free to members gives you immediate access to an opinion from an unbiased third party, detached from the day to day battles; a sounding board for ideas or even just someone trusted to tell you what you already know. Though theimagefile... are not qualified, or able, to give specific advice on finance, tax or legal problems. We do have a broad knowledge of the business issues as well as access to a wide network of professional bodies, trusted suppliers and friendly photographers.

What makes us more pleased than anything is to see the photographers using the system doing so well, if you are concerned about what the coming year may bring, come and have a chat to us on the stand and see what we can offer. You may be writing something like this for us next year...below is a genuine unsolicited comment sent in to theimagefile....

Fantastic customer service, friendly, helpful advice, rock solid webhosting, in short everything I am looking for in a supplier.

I've looked around at a few different providers of websites and on-line galleries and everytime I speak to someone at theimagefile... I always know why I have been with them for the last 2 years. They are people that I want to do business with.

When I have a query it is solved straight away, when I ask about a new feature they are normally one step ahead and have already put something in place (and have great suggestions for how I can make the most of it).

Overall, if you value your sanity and don't want to pull your hair out in frustration then I would highly recommend theimagefile....

Thank you Richard, we couldn't have put it better.

For more help and advice to get your work online with fully integrated other key benefits, take a look at the back cover or visit (Contact the Iamgefile here) where you can set up a no commitment trial account or call 0870 224 2454 to find out why more and more SWPP & BPPA members use them.

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