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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2010


One of the frustrations of moving to 64-bit operation has been the lack of drivers and loss of certain pieces of well-loved software. Until now this has been true of the onOne Plug-in suite. The greatest change in this upgrade, therefore, is the ability of the suite to operate in 64-bit mode meaning that users of this bit depth for their Photoshop application can now perform all the operations without having to temporarily migrate back to 32-bit. From within the suite, our favourites are Genuine Fractals, MaskPro, PhotoTune and PhotoFrame, in that order. Generally we have found little to excite us in FocalPoint and PhotoTools is an acquired taste. However, we recognise that a great many photographers swear by them. Such is the pricing policy that as soon as you need more than a couple of the applications you might as well buy the entire suite.


The installed plug-ins are made available via Window>Extensions>onOne, which brings up a new dialogue box with subsets of the available effects and utilities. With an image open you can use the list in the palette to select your effect or an action of your choosing. We sometimes found the response to be slow (unusual for a 64-bit operation) to the extent that we thought the systems was hanging. This is currently being de-bugged by onOne.

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1st Published 01/02/2010
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