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Published 01/08/2008


Jim Lowe is a highly qualified industrial/commercial photographer specialising in architectural work. He is also an experienced lecturer and a former President of the British Institute of Professional Photography. Currently he is vice-chairman of the Federation of European Photographers. His accolades, distinctions and qualifications are an indication of the level of his work and it is creditable that he still dedicates time serving others.

A fellow of both the BIPP and the Royal Photographic Society, Jim was, in fact, one of the first photographers to be awarded a QEP - Qualified European Photographer. He is currently Chairman of the FEP Qualifications Board

As a young boy he developed an interest in photography living with his parents in Zambia. Whilst his father worked as an underground surveyor, his mother helped run their photographic business.

When his parents returned to Swansea he completed his A levels at school - which he claims he did not do well at, as he was more interested in girls and rugby - however, he had the choice of joining the Merchant Navy or taking a place at Swansea College of Art - he choose photography and after completing a three-year course, took a job at the Ministry of Defence in London.

He later moved on to Portsmouth Poly as a research photographer, and then as Chief Photographer at Westinghouse, in Chippenham.

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