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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/10/2015


Famously offering photographers a website with e-commerce from just £1 with DIY template tools provided, theimagefile now has a service where from £50 it will go the extra mile and build the whole site for you. Gavin Stoker finds out more from MD James Duncan.

Run by James Duncan, implementing ideas learned from over 25 years in the trade, will be familiar to many members of The Societies - not least the 2,000 photographers already availing themselves of its web services.

Providing photographers with e-commerce-enabled sites for a £1 set-up fee, theimagefile has recently expanded its range of packages and services - while keeping its famously great value offerings. It's now offering to build a site for you from just £50.

"It's a given that everyone needs a website, but not everyone wants to build one or has the inclination to learn how to, so we started a web building service of our own that is going very well," reveals MD James. "Anyone who doesn't already have a website can now go online for a very low entry-level fee and have their website set up for them - they just provide the content and the domain name. We've always provided tools so they could build their own site very, very easily - but now all photographers have to do is send us details about what they want on their pages and we format it and put it together. They can still edit the site by themselves going forward - but all that initial work is done for them."

While the actual site construction costs just £50, for £140 users get six months of theimagefile's 'Standard' package included as well.


New 'Plus' packages give you more
The other big news from theimagefile is that James and his team have increased the number of account levels from a core collection of three - Entry-level, Standard and Pro - to five, newly accommodating Entry Level Plus and Standard Plus accounts.

"The thinking was that by increasing the range of offerings there wouldn't be such a big jump for someone shooting a couple of weddings a year to having more weddings and otherwise needing a Pro account. Photographers can now step from Standard to Standard Plus without having to jump to Pro, and they can upgrade or downgrade their packages whenever required.

"The Entry Level package is just for 500 files or 10GB of sales area storage. So we've introduced a new one called the Entry Plus account, which is 1,000 files. The Standard account is still 2,500 files and then we've put one in the middle between the Standard and the Pro account called Standard Plus, which is 5,000 files." The Pro package, by contrast, is 50GB or unlimited files. On all packages photographers can remove older galleries and upload new galleries within their quota as much as they need. Price-wise, photographers are looking at spending £5, £10, £15, £20 or £25 per month, less a penny, for each of the packages from Entry to Pro. "The increase in capacity is in line with the increase in weddings we've seen this year," adds James. "We don't add any restrictions either; for example they don't have to stay at a certain level of membership for a certain number of months. They can swap in and out as and when they need."

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1st Published 01/10/2015
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