The Nikon D3X - part 1 of 1

Published 01/11/2008


By Uzair Kharawala

The D3X

Well, being a Nikon evangelist has its benefits when it comes to an invite on December 1st to one of its most highly anticipated releases. The Nikon D3x hosts a number of major features: Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor with 24.5 megapixels, wide sensitivity range starting at ISO 100, new EXPEED-based image processing and much more...

Well, I had 45 minutes with the camera to put it through its paces, luckily enough the menus and ergonomics are as near as possible to the D3 - so it was exceptionally easy to just start shooting. The Picture Controls meant that I could get identical colour reproduction as well from the new D3x; what wasn't the same though was the amount of detail. Don't get me wrong, the D3 punches well above its pixel count, especially in the high ISO stakes, but the D3x's new sensor really makes those new lenses from Nikon work for their living.

The detail is unseen before in a DSLR and to make things even more impressive you have all the features I've become accustomed to in the D3. The AF is quick to acquire the subject and the white balance is accurate also; it's still a different beast though from its smaller resolution brother. For starters the ISO range is more compatible with those shooting studio or landscape, starting at ISO 100 (50 equivalent available) and the 5:4 and DX crops become more usable due to their resolution 20MP and 10MP respectively. The camera is no slouch either - 5fps in FX format and 7fps in DX. What is more impressive though is that, despite the huge 50MB NEF files, this camera produces its able-to-shoot 4,400 frames per single charge of its EN-EL4a battery - that's an astonishing 100 frames more than the D3 which is half the resolution.

What did I think? Well the results speak for themselves. If you're after the world's best DSLR for studio and commission work, then here it is. I'm absolutely amazed by the quality of the files. It's ideal for stock, landscape and studio photographers, and the weather sealing is as good as the D3 which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

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1st Published 01/11/2008
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