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Published 01/06/2007


Suffering from burnt out windows in your interior architectural shots? Struggling with your sunsets and the skies being far too pale? HDR imaging might just save your day. Mike McNamee takes tea with architectural specialist Paul McMullin and they chew the fat over how they used to do bracketing ring-arounds!

Introduced in Adobe CS, the HDR Merge capability uses several bracketed images of the same scene to compile a new image, in which the wide range of light values are harmonised. Take Paul's scene opposite as a typical example. The interior of the apartment is reasonably exposed for the back of the furniture but the light from the windows has burned a hole in the floor, the outside scene is almost invisible, the TV is over exposed and the tungsten down lighters have burned the wall paper.

To light a set such as this for a transparency, you might typically bring in flash main-lights, add supplementary lights in the corridor, gel the windows, switch the down-lighters for only part of the exposure and, to cap it all, make a 9-shot ring around to ensure at least one transparency was optimum - happy days!

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