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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/04/2012

Gavin Stoker cherry picks a few contenders.

Seeing as just about everybody wanting a photographer conducts their research online these days, your website may be the first and only example of your work potential customers see. As it's the means by which they will decide whether to call or email, getting the look and feel spot-on from the beginning is of paramount importance. Given that fact, choosing whether you build it yourself, sign up with a service that offers pre-designed templates or go totally bespoke and employ someone to design it for you requires some hard, serious thought. As does who should host your site: the same people who build it or a third party, contactable at any time should anything go awry or not work as it should.

The good news is that theinternet, as well as throwing up a bewildering number of options, is a place of constant competition. So these days you don't necessarily need to spend big to find someone or some service that will deliver you a great looking site, and, should you require, host it for you into the bargain.

We've come up with a range of options to suit pro photographers at all stages of their careers, whether you're looking to save cash and go the DIY route, pay in monthly instalments, or can afford to spend a couple of grand on a bespoke site created to your exacting specifications. Alternatively, you might already have a website online and just want to seamlessly bolt an e-commerce solution onto it. Whatever you're after, the following companies should be able to accommodate, and perhaps even exceed, your expectations.


If you've put off the idea of creating your own site until now because of the perceived expense involved, prepare to think again. With a user base currently numbering 13,000, Clikpic's sales pitch is one of remarkable value. It specialises in providing a complete website package for photographers (and artists) for as little as £40 per annum. Utilising professionally designed templates with a host of customisable options, photographers can build their own site with a unique look, feel and structure - and with the minimum amount of technical knowledge required.

London-based Nicholas Goodden, who specialises in street photography, agrees that it's rare to find a low-cost web service that allows your creativity full reign. "With Clikpic the possibilities to customise are such that my website actually looks and feels entirely mine," he says. "The value for money is exceptional making it possible to show off my work in a professional way. Since I built my website through Clikpic, I have sold many prints, won an award and given my photography that extra push."

To provide ideas and inspiration up front, the company has launched a one-day training course on how to customise a Clikpic website, details of which can be found under the heading 'Training' on its site. It believes that is it otherwise possible to spend thousands and still not achieve what it offers for just £40 per year. But to get started you don't even need to spend one penny. Visit and give the system a go by signing up for a free no-obligation 14-day trial.

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