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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2009

Well, the honeymoon did not last long! We have been taken to task a number of times for ranting about Vista. For balance, let's have a go at Apple for a change. Snow Leopard is now the operating system of choice (and delivery) when you order a new Mac. However, at the time of writing, Snow Leopard does not correctly interface the Epson 4800, along with a bunch of other printers (we have heard both Canon and HP mentioned).

It almost works, a print comes out, it's just that it is not colour managed and you have no option to set either the media or the resolution of the printing. In a nutshell it does not work. Bearing in mind that the 4800 is one of the prime proofing devices, this is a serious shortcoming. We might just forgive them if they had come clean but the Mac Pro tower in question was supplied in the knowledge that it was going into a graphics environment, including an Epson 4800. This is core Mac territory (graphics and proofing), they seem to be picking up bad habits from the Microsoft monkeys.

After we had failed to get either a reference grade LCD monitor to calibrate, or a decent print out of a 4800 we limped home injured. We have yet to face the issue of getting the film and flatbed scanners working. All Mac Monkeys who have championed the cause in the switching battle may write to HQ to receive a complimentary sample of our humble pie. The advertising monkeys need to be reminded of their vulnerability - their stap line 'It just works' should be replaced by 'It just doesn't work'!

It Gets Worse

Talking of operating systems, Windows 7 has been launched; we hope you all held 'welcome to Windows 7' parties, as urged by the TV advertising. Honestly, whatever next! It's an operating system for goodness sake - it's a bit like holding a party to celebrate the triumphant return of Eddie the Eagle - patently hopeless, but well done for trying! Save the booze, you are probably going to need it before you get much deeper into the joys of Windows 7. Presently the base of XP users in Europe and the US stands at 79% with just 9% on Vista (a mere 3% more than Windows 2000 users!).

According to the same report 61% of the IT decision-makers questioned said that they intended to skip Vista and go straight to Windows 7 in between 12 and 18 months' time when they had ironed out any compatibility issues.

This leaves the solo-operating photographers in a quandary. They need a new laptop today, the old one just fell out of the back of the SUV onto the drive - what should they buy? Presently they have a choice of XP, Vista or Windows 7, but XP will soon be left as a destitute, unloved orphan. So, do you risk Windows 7 or go for a Mac? You might be tempted by the touch screen capabilities of Windows 7; you can sit there, operating CS5 looking like a checkout girl in an M6 Moto (is that a skinny latte, ham and eggs with a side order of fries?).

Regardless of what you do it seems that you are faced with pain - we hope you saved that booze from the Windows 7 party that never happened.

Rant Over.

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1st Published 01/12/2009
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