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by Andrew Williams Published 01/04/2009


I have to confess to being something of a software junkie and, whenever there is a new release, I look forward to trying it out. Needless to say, when Mike asked me to test the new release of Stitcher (version 2009) I jumped at the chance.

Stitcher is a program for creating panoramas from a series of images stitched together. It was developed by RealViz in France and was taken over by Autodesk in May 2008. At the time Autodesk rationalised the product line to a single version - Stitcher Unlimited, the latest release being Stitcher Unlimited 2009. They also cut the price so that the full product Stitcher Unlimited, containing all features, now retails at £300.

The first thing I wanted to check out was the speed of rendering. Loading an existing panorama project into Stitcher 2009 gave the following results.


Image Details:

Camera Canon 5D

Lens Canon 15mm diagonal fisheye Monopod, 6 shots around plus nadir (straight down) and zenith (straight up) shots. The images were shot in RAW format, adjusted in Lightroom and exported as 1024 pixel-wide JPEG files for the test. Note that this is much smaller than I would usually use in order to speed up the testing; larger files will result in much longer rendering times.

Spherical projection

Render to JPEG at 1:1 size, highest quality, no smoothing Smart blending mode, Interpolation method Lanczos5 (the slowest but most accurate setting)


Intel 2.1 GHz Core Duo CPU with 3Gb memory running Windows XP Pro. Nvidea graphics card with 250Mb of memory.

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