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Published 01/02/2012


Canon's latest offering arrived just in time for a quick look before the Focus issue goes to bed and you should certainly take the trouble to go and see it if you get the chance (although we fear there might be a bit of a crush!). This is a camera which bridges the gap between the outright 'goes in the shirt pocket' compact and a 'real camera' that a pro would not mind taking everywhere in the glovebox of the car. It will not fit comfortably in your shirt pocket but would fit in a coat pocket or a ladies' handbag. If you need something for your rucksack on a leisurely stroll or perhaps something to snap the kids on holiday then it will fit the bill. Importantly it will do so without compromising quality in the way that always leaves a DSLR user with a bit of a longing for something with more grunt. This is a camera you can take out and trust should the occasion demand.


n design the G1X follows on from a series that started with the G9 through to the G12 but has now branched out into a range of its own. This is because it has a very much larger chip, bigger in fact than a 4/3 system chip and only 20% short of what you get in some well-specified Canon DSLRs. This has the effect of bulking up the optics but massively improving performance. The chip, then is 18.7mm x 14mm and boasts 4,352 x 3,264 pixels, that is potentially a 16x24-inch print if you can get away with 180ppi. This camera will do proper jobs if needed! Comparison with the preceding Power Shot series is inevitable.

The layout is similar to the G9 onwards except that the ISO changer has been dropped (replaced by a larger flash pop-up), a co-axial, exposure compensation dial has been added under the camera function wheel and a scroll wheel has been retained from the G12, below the release button. The latter controls the aperture in Av mode and the shutter in Tv mode and enables the user to change settings without taking the camera from the eye (although there is no feedback in the viewfinder).

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