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Published 01/02/2012


Off to the movies

The chip technology allows very high quality movie from the G1X. Indeed it carries the same Full HD, HDMI of its larger cousins that is Full HD 1080p movies at 24fps with optical zoom and stereo sound. It will playback on an HDTV via the HDMI port.

Out and about

One way of more fully testing a new camera is to take it for a walk in the company of the boisterous, Professional Imagemaker laboratory Labradors.

And so we found ourselves in the local country park, taking a mix of 'snappy snaps' in very varied light conditions.

We soon ran into trouble with the dials bashing against the holder's anorak and changing settings inadvertently, this was particularly true for the ABW and ISO settings. Some way of locking key operational settings would be a boon on this and indeed all digital cameras! At least it took some images at 4,000 ISO, a place we might not have ordinarily gone (see image).

The exposure compensation dial proved to be really useful in racheting the exposure up and down in difficult lighting conditions. We did find the absence of feedback in the viewfinder something of a trial having to take the camera away from the eye to double check settings.


Catching a moving dog was impossibly difficult, the shutter lag resulted in a number of totally blank frames, no dog in sight! This is not an agile camera by DSLR standards.

The performance at 100, 400 and 1,600 ISO was checked by shooting the same scene and compositing the image shown. There is very little difference in the noise level, a testament perhaps to the large chip and individual pixel size. The 4,000 ISO image was also quite clean considering the rating.

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