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Published 01/02/2012



Sadly we only had the G1X for a short time, they are very much in demand for review. It is not possible to test and understand such a wealth of features in even a six-page review, this is a camera 'system' in a compact housing! Even so were very impressed with what we saw, it provides all the features that caused us to purchase and use a G9 all those years ago (see the Coast to Coast feature) but has now solved the only niggle we ever had, the tiny chip - this new chip is SIX times bigger, it moves things into a different league altogether. We think Canon are on to a winner with this one, the pros, enthusiasts and happy snappers are likely to be attracted to it in equal measure. As an emergency back-up or a holiday camera most pros would be delighted with the performance.


ABOVE: Same scene at three ISO settings, along with the whole image.

LEFT: Shot at 4,000 ISO

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