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by Mike McNamee Published 01/04/2012


Duplex Printing

This is a simple utility to assist in duplex printing. It works on a wizard basis, instructing you to feed paper to the printer and report the positions and side of various numbers. It is something that you can do yourself with a clear head but the utility takes a bit of the strain!

Bar Codes

The bar code generator remains as part of the suite so that one is generated from the number that you feed to the program; this is then relayed to the clipboard for placement in a page layout program. All the common bar code types are catered for other than the latest QR, 2-D bar codes.


Corel Connect is an asset managment utility for keeping track of your vector and bitmap files. The files may be arranged in a variety of ways including your personalised list of 'Favourites'.



CorelDRAW Suite is fully colour managed.

RIGHT: In CorelDRAW 'Dockers' are the currency for finding your way about. Here the panel for objects, which gives control of both fills and strokes.


The new suite brings little additional functionality to the party even though the entire coding must have been re-written. CorelDRAW remains really good value for money even though there are a few residual bugs. You can get most things done, but at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent Adobe suite (where you would need CSx Design Standard but still be short of a web design package). As ever, the fonts and clipart are worth the asking price on their own if you do not already have a previous version.

The SRP is £399, the upgrade £179, both excluding VAT. A major issue is that the software is Windows only.

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