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Published 01/12/2013


This is a specialist program with a narrow range of important features. In the main it is to be used for 'truing' up images for geometric distortions in panoramas and very wide-angle shots. There is also a de-bulking feature for dealing with (mainly human) subjects close to the edges of a wide-angle shot. Typically these occur when the photographer has used a wide-angle lens on a group shot in a confined space (although family shots at 24mm are banned in this parish!). This emphasises features such as the near shoulders making them overlarge and unattractive. While it would be better to improve the shot at the taking stage, this is not always a luxury the photographer enjoys.


Truing Perspective

In the example shown, the Louvre is rather distorted. You can choose horizontal plane correction, vertical plane correction or both. Working the program is trivially simple: you place the markers on geometrically 'certain' spots such as the corners of windows or the edges of buildings.

The magnifying loupe allows the user to do this at great precision. Then you hit 'Preview' to see if you like the effect and assuming all is well, hit 'Apply' then 'Save As', and the job's done - it really is that simple!

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