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Published 01/12/2013


For a sterner test we took a shot of a church rose window. Getting a photograph of this particular window is a nightmare! The only shooting spot for those who do not own a pet giraffe is from ground level, away to the side. If this were a commercial (ie paid-for) job you might erect scaffolding but even this is impeded by a mature tree right where you would wish to shoot from. A cherry picker would also be out of the question due to the multi-level steps and paving in the vicinity.


The image content is both a blessing and a curse. The regular coursing of the brickwork gives super sight lines to align to, but the circular shape of the windows exposes any residual distortions - the view of the brick reveals on the left of the window are also present only on one side. Despite this, a reasonably presentable shot may be obtained and if followed by a bit of judicious cloning in Photoshop, things can be further improved. The original shot required a slightly wider view to take in the full circle of brickwork.

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