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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2016


Card Capacity versus Card Speed

Given that you have found your camera manual (there it was still in its cellophane wrapper!) you are not quite at the far side of the minefield. If you are already in possession of cards you can try them out, but the chances are you are upgradiing a debating whether to go bigger, or faster, or both. Faster is always better but costs more:


Capacity versus Cost/GB for Dierent Form Factors

The other things you need to consider are reliability and security.

Distributing your 'risk from failure' is improved by the use of a larger number of smaller cards. Thus, in the event of either theft or failure, you lose less work. Only you can decide the risk you wish to take. If you use four cards at a wedding you are at risk for a quarter of the proceedings, etc. You can improve your security by using a camera with dual cards, each recording the same image (you might be prepared to risk JPEG on one card, Raw on another though).

In terms of cost we have compiled a cost chart using just SanDisk products, for the various form factors, capacities and speeds. The table is a little indigestible which is why we have graphed stuff out. The graph of RRP against street cost shows us the world of the bean-counters' fantasy land, the Extreme Pro RRPs at 1,275 compared with a cost on Amazon of 283. Be alert to the fact that there are many counterfeit cards about so steer clear of cheap deals on ebay!

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