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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2012


As the premier independent lens-maker, Sigma strive to provide a full line-up of lens products, across the entire range of camera fittings and focal lengths. They are constantly on the lookout for an unfilled niche in the market and this new lens fits into that category. Neither Canon nor Nikon produces a lens at this focal length and constant aperture and so this lens is unique as far as we know.

The lens is a DC type, intended for smaller chipped cameras and, with the chip multiplication factor, the 50-150 effectively converts to a 70-210 (225mm actually).

Thus for users of small chips it becomes the universally loved combination among sports and wedding shooters.


With 21 elements and a constant aperture of f2.8, the Sigma weighs in at 1,340g, 200g and 130g lighter than the Canon and Nikon offerings. This is slightly surprising as the field coverage is so much smaller; the combination of the lens and a full-size DSLR makes for quite a heavy load. The lens is, however, beautifully engineered, very smooth and solid, with a good-quality rotating tripod or monopod ring. There is no length advantage to the shorter focal length, indeed it splits the Nikon and Canon lenses.

The image is optically stabilised with three settings: Off: For use when working with a tripod
Setting 1: This creates a stabilised image about one second after the shutter release is half depressed
Setting 2: This detects vertical camera shake and is effective on subjects moving across the frame.

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