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by Sean Conboy Published 01/12/2016


I am very pleased to be speaking at the Societies' 2017 Convention and given the opportunity through my Masterclass and Superclass to talk about my work as a professional architectural and interior photographer. It is at times like this, putting pen to paper, that I release I have been in photography for 35 years and about to start my 29th year in business as a professional photographer. When I first came to the Convention in 2014 I must say I was blown away by the scale of the whole event, it was just epic. So many great speakers, trade stands and to meet so many enthusiastic photographers from all over the world who all want to just talk photography was an absolute pleasure. The Convention for me is such a positive event that just feeds my passion for our fantastic world of photography. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to speak at such a convention and hopefully share my knowledge and passion for photography.


In my career I have seen many changes including the move from film to digital photography. My background and training was very much in the era of film and in my case the discipline of shooting 4x5 inch transparency film - an expensive business. Even though I am now totally immersed in digital capture, I still work to the discipline of film techniques in my photography, particularly with lighting and camera movements. Trying to get as much right as possible in camera to minimise any post-production. I want to spend the time perfecting the image on location, not afterwards in front of the computer.

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