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by Sean Conboy Published 01/12/2016


In today's very competitive commercial photography world, I find clients have a healthy respect for what they call pure photography. They often have incredible Photoshop skills but do not have our photographic skills. Many of my clients are very sophisticated buyers of photography, some buying-in professional photography weekly. They see a lot of great work, to get the commissions you need to stand out. At the classes I want to also talk about how to sell your photography at the meeting and before, particularly in today's world where people are seeing imagery so frequently and in so many ways.

We as photographers need to educate clients about why they need to use a professional photographer and why we are the right fit for them and their commission .


In the Masterclass I will talk in detail about perspective control and how it has been used in art for hundreds of years and is so important to how people and artists view architecture. Camera movements allow us to replicate these effects in our photography. I will show that, with a little practice, perspective controls are to use. They can also be used to aid composition, drama, scale and make your work stand out. They can be used in most areas of photography, not just architecture.

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