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by Tom Lee Published 01/12/2012


On previous occasions when we have used the scene to test a camera, chromatic aberration has been pronounced where the white structure meets the sky. There were no such problems with the X-Pro, the image was very clean and crisp.

Out and About

The most noticeable thing when you pack the X-Pro and three lenses for a day's walking is the reduction in weight when compared with a DSLR and three equivalent length prime lenses. The X-Pro kit weighed 1,111g, the DSLR weighed 3,065g. If it does not seem that large a difference consider this. A winter pack for serious walking, including crampons and an axe, usually weighs in at around 19lb (8.6kg) and so a DSLR kit would contribute 36% in total. If hills are involved that is a serious impediment for all but the youngest, fittest and strongest; none of these applies about this parish! The X-Pro weight gets down to a level where you don't even notice it around your neck and if pushed you can shove it in your anorak pocket while you negotiate a bit of a scramble across tricky ground.


An X-Pro 1 kit and equivalent DSLR compared. The weigh scales were very telling!

Walking in cold, bright weather did kick in another issue though; once the photochromics kicked in it was really hard work seeing the screens on the camera and polarising sun glasses eliminated the rangefinder marks in the viewfinder. On the plus side the ability to see a real-time histogram is really nice and the handy positioning of the exposure compensation dial means that you can quickly adjust for every shot. Even so we would not describe the X-Pro as an agile camera, we found it a bit slow for the pictures we were taking with Quadcopters in action (see the article in this issue).

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