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by Tom Lee Published 01/12/2012


A bit of topical retro, courtesy of Nik Filters, the Fuji 18mm lens and New Brighton's Victorian shelter.

In the example shot the stay lines holding the Liverbirds down started to merge into the background sky beyond f11. For the record they are probably no more than 1/2-inch diameter and were imaged from 1,310m (thanks Google!).


A frame-and-a-half stitch across the Liverpool Waterfront produced a sparkling 20-inch print, enough to send one pro out to buy the camera!

In the Studio

As seems fitting for a retro design camera, we gave it to Societies' most recently elected fellow, Tom Lee, who is currently exploring old-style Hollywood lighting, and asked him to try the camera out during a recent shoot. Using continuous lighting he made a few exposures during a busy shoot. His overall report was that the camera was very sharp in quality although he found the exposure hunted rather a lot in operation. As you can see, though, he ended up with some really nice images!

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1st Published 01/12/2012
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