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by Tom Lee Published 01/12/2012


Courtesy of the sophisticated lens design they behaved impeccably right up until diffraction kicked in - they ain't cheap but they are good!


There is much to admire about this camera and Fujifilm's vision in developing and releasing it. Professional photographers frequently have need for a small, quiet camera that may be used discreetly or even as a 'take everywhere' camera for the odd emergency. The quality of the X-Pro makes it a tempting proposition, indeed one professional we showed the camera fell for its charms and bought one the very next day! Providing you work within the design's limits, for it is not a very agile camera, it will not let you down, indeed the quality will probably continually amaze you! It is a camera you are more likely to carry casually, so when that once-in-a-lifetime moment pops up you have something that the newspaper scoop can be blasted over two pages! If you want to try before you buy, read Gavin's feature next.


Which is which? More of Tom Lee's lovely Hollywood style. For the record the right-hand image is from the Fuji, the two on the left from the full frame Nikon D4.

The continuing issues with Raw files and their legacy value remains a concern but this is hardly the fault of Fujifilm!

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