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by Tom Lee Published 01/12/2012


Despite the reservations expressed above the image quality from our out and about shots were very good indeed and some experienced pros we showed them to were equally impressed. We shot with JPEGs using auto settings and obtained some very crisp views of the Liverpool Waterfront. The shots of the white structural tubes of the ferry landing stage normally reveal any residual chromatic aberration in a system - none was detected.


Right into the sun was tackled with ease.

The Effect of Aperture

Much has been written about the effect of aperture on the resolution in an image. Party because the Fuji lenses are of such high quality we were able to study the effect of reducing aperture on image quality. All the shots were made from a Manfrotto 535 MPRO tripod, a massive chunk of legs to bear so small a camera - we doubt it moved at all! On the 60mm lens the quality was superb at both f2.4 and f4.0 and remained that way until diffraction started to kick in at f11. This is the calculated diffraction limit for this size of chip.

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