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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2010



The printer is physically very neat, especially when all the doors and trays are stowed. It stands 660mm wide by 355mm deep by 193mm high. However, it has a straight feed-through for heavy papers and you will require as much space behind of the printer as ahead of it when using such media. The printer weighs just 33 lb and is easily manhandled about. This is really simple if all you need is to move back and forth across the desk, as little rollers are thoughtfully provided. Assuming you keep a tidy desk (dream on McNamee) you can trundled the unit back and forth with complete ease.


The Ink Set

The Lucia inks are fully pigmented and consist of:

Photo Black, Cyan,
Matt Black, Photo Cyan,
Grey, Yellow,
Magenta, Green,
Photo Magenta, Red

It is reasonable to expect that the addition of a red and a green ink would extend the gamut but our measurements did not uphold this. In the direct comparison that we made with Epson K3 UltraChrome the Epson gamut was larger by between 6% and 11.5% across a number of media, eg:

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