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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2010


The reduction in metamerism in the Lucia ink set is gratifying and shows the developments that have taken place over the past few years. The availability of additional colours gives the engineers more 'degrees of freedom' for optimising CII across the tone range so now we can have the slightly longer life of the Lucia inks allied to almost identical CII. The difference in Dmax is a little puzzling but the most likely reason is the use of three greys in the Epson ink set allowing a higher ink loading. We have mentioned this before but it is worth repeating, Above about 2.2 it is difficult to detect increases in Dmax values by looking at a print in normal viewing conditions. The enthusiasts fuss over such matters, but that is their prerogative! It seems to us that loading ink onto a page for no visual benefit is simply a waste of ink (and money).


Fine Art Printing

The fine art papers require the use of the matt black ink. This is automatically used when the fine art media (ie matt paper media) are selected in the driver. An issue with this printer is that the driver insists on a border of 35mm (to the top and bottom) with the fine art settings, which may or may not be welcome, depending upon the application; card makers, for example, like to print borderless and so would have to trim the waste of an over-sized page to complete their work.

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1st Published 01/06/2010
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