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by Dave Wall Published 01/12/2012


"People may vary to a degree, but in general we are all the same..."

I have been asked by Phil and Juliet to increase my SWPP seminars and undertake a Mediterranean tour early next year...six exotic locations in eight days, extolling the virtues of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to other likeminded individuals.

To which, of course, I said a big fat YES !

As time has gone by the 'brief' has changed somewhat and some of the venues have asked to me to demonstrate how I undertake my unique brand of small product photography to primarily 'social photographers'.


This got me thinking of the differences between the two camps and why photographers are often so reluctant to 'try something different'!

Many social photographers are 'scared' of shooting products in a studio environment due to its perceived complexities... Just as commercial photographers are 'terrified' of being dragged from their dark studio cocoons to photograph weddings! Being primarily a commercial photographer (who occasionally shoots weddings) I can 'sympathise' with both camps and understand the irrational arguments from both sides.

You can never give a commercial photographer courage if it isn't in their nature to be bold and confident. This is probably why they chose to 'hide' in a dark room and photograph inanimate objects for a living.

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