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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2009



This is provided in book form (multi-lingual) running to 21 pages for each language and also on DVD. The literature was undated but had few references to Vista and so we went to the NEC website and downloaded NaViSet, which did carry a 'Vista compatible' tag. However, when we loaded the software it stopped the install with an error message to say the software is not Vista 64-bit compatible. Such issues should not affect the Mac-based, pre-press and graphics community!


Gamut Volume Measurements

Analysis of the profile for the 2690 revealed some excellent statistics. The gamut volume is as high as claimed, indeed we exceeded the claims by some way. The data is tabulated. We measured a number of monitors, and the gamut volumes are compared with some of the common working colour spaces and the ability of the Epson ink sets. The 2690 commands a new record for measured gamut volume, the previous highest was the Eizo CG 241w at 1.3 million units. As far as we could tell the 2690 gamut completely swallowed that of the FOGRA 27 which is used for this magazine. It also came close to swallowing the massive gamut of the Epson 7900, the biggest we have measured on a printer to date - just a few darker greens and cyans got away.

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